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Indoor Miniature Autonomous Blimp

Georgia Tech Miniature Autonomous Blimp (GT-MAB)

GT-MAB is a small-sized aerial platform with outstanding safety, loiter time, maneuverability and expandability. Along with its capability of scientific tasks such as human-robot interaction and environmental mapping, GT-MAB is also competent for various commercial and educational applications.



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Omnidirectional Surface Vehicle 

Georgia Tech Omnidirectional Surface Vehicle (GT-OSV)

An omnidirectional surface vehicle (OSV) is developed for evaluating underwater acoustic communication performance in confined water space. The OSV features centimeter-level positioning accuracy, onboard high-speed waveform sampling and generation, omnidirectional maneuverability, and outstanding safety.


Omnidirectional Surface Vehicle 

Georgia Tech Miniature Underwater Robot (GT-MUR)

GT-MUR is a multi-purpose AUV that is cost-effective for lab experiments on underwater autonomy. The unique design of GT-MUR allows it to be conveniently built from easy-accessible materials. An open software/hardware structure enables the use of different sensors to support versatile tasks.

Acoustic and IR Communication for Miniature Underwater Robots

Infrared Communication Device for Small-sized Underwater Robots

​Evaluating Acoustic Communication Performance in Confined Environments

Underwater Electromagnetic Guidance System

An electromagnetic (EM) guidance system for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) traveling along a fixed route. The system consists of a preinstalled underwater electromagnetic guidance track, a pair of AUV-mounted EM sensors, and an onboard processing unit. The track emits very-low-frequency (VLF) electromagnetic wave which has good penetration in water, and is insensitive to multipath degradation. The onboard sensors amplify the received VLF signal and calculate the direction of the magnetic field. The processing unit then estimates the relative position and orientation of the AUV with respect to the signal-emitting track. 

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