ECE Special Topics Course - Project Mentor 

Advised students on the development of unmanned surface vehicles and their autopilot systems.

NSF REU Program - Project Mentor  

Guided students on marine robotics research, including underwater infrared communication,
subsurface localization, submerged object detection, and feedback control of marine robots

Vertically Integrated Projects Program - Project Mentor 

Image Courtesy: V. Mishra

Prepared and ran class projects, graded lab notebooks and final reports, held tutorial and help sessions.

ECE 4560: Autonomous Control of Robotic Systems - Teaching Assistant

Image Courtesy: F. Zhang

Graded homework and class projects.

ECE 4011/4012: Senior Design - Teaching Assistant

Proposed senior design topics, graded class deliverables, hosted weekly meetings and support sessions

ECE 2031: Digital Design Laboratory - Teaching Assistant

Conducted check-offs in lab sessions and held office hours. Graded quizzes lab reports and final projects. Hosted sessions on the professional communication program. Instructed the usage of lab instruments.


Image Courtesy: J. T. Brock

Image Courtesy: K. Abraham

ECE 2035: Programming for HW/SW Systems - Teaching Assistant

Image Courtesy: D. Thompson

Image Courtesy: C. Culhane

Graded class homework, held office hours, guided final projects with ARM Cortex-M micro controllers.